April Notes

Aaah...we're almost there. People are already thinking about rum dacquiris and salty margaritas on their patios or by their pools. Now there's a sign of Spring/Summer just around the corner. Actually, it arrived last week, but who would know it with temperatures in the teens at night but then 50's during the day. I know I sound like I'm complaining. I am complaining!!

Enough already. Let's get there...now!

April can be such a great month. Yeah, mud and rain, but also everything begins to come alive again. That includes us. Now that we have daylight well into the evening everyone is more apt to go out and have some fun or stay home and grill some shrimp and enjoy a good bottle of Chardonnay. Speaking of Chardonnay, Michael-David Vineyards of Lodi, CA. makes "7 Heavenly Chards ". That's what it's called. Beautiful, round and buttery, which I know is not terribly trendy anymore, but WOW...

with lovely pear and apple fruit. Oh yeah!

With April comes Easter and Passover and we can sit down with our loved ones and celebrate life and each other. This is a perfect time for sparkling wine, a really nice Reisling or a bubbly Prosecco with our ham, roast beef or seafood. Winter is behind us and we all are longing for warm breezes and the Summer just within reach.

So let's move into April with a certainty of warm, long days to come. Time spent with friends and family outside...tennis, golf..baseball...swimming, getting a little sun. The beach, riding bikes. Here it comes!



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