July Notes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!! The 4th of July is one our favorite holidays, for sure. No gifts exchanged, plenty of great food and drink to enjoy and....FIREWORKS!! Yeah baby!

This wonderful holiday was my first view of what the public animal looks like when on a mass buying spree of beer, ice, wine and spirits. You know capitalism is alive and well on this kind of holiday. It's all good, as they say, right?! Thank you Newtown CT.

We had a very wet June here in Connecticut, but July, so far, is looking like it might be a bit more like the Summer we're all hoping for. When the sun makes an appearance, everyone with any sense of Summer in their bones is planning picnics, trips to the beach, hanging by the pool and in general, just taking advantage of these few months of warmth and fun in the sun before the Fall descends on us with it's cooler weather and gorgeous display of color. But for now...IT'S SUMMER!!

Did I mention FIREWORKS??!!

So crack open a cold one of your own very personal choice! Raise your glass toward the sun and wish America a very Happy 233rd Birthday! See you at A World of Wine & Spirits! (Hey, I couldn't resist the red, white and blue thing...go figure)

Newtown's Party Headquarters and Wine Emporium

The philosophy we embrace here is that these ancient beverages, wine, beer & spirits, were created and refined by us, the human race, to enhance and bring joy to our time here on Earth.

Enjoyed in moderation, each of us can literally savor and taste history back thousands of years.

We were certainly not the first to tip back a tumbler of ale or sip a smokey single malt scotch...and we'll not be the last.

So with a respect for those who came before us and an open mind and joyful anicipation of what may lie ahead, please enter our world of wine & spirits as we  do... life long students willing to explore and discover.

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