Happy New Year!

The rush of the holidays is over and we all can take some time to relax! Welcome to January! Everyone is licking their credit card wounds and hoping for an awesome 2010! This beautiful photo by one, Kendra Bobowick, truly captures what we're living in lovely Fairfield County. Damn chilly! That's right! Summer is right around the next bend in the river.


Photo Courtesy of Kendra Bobowick/The Newtown Bee, CT

But before we can dream of Summer, there's the SUPERBOWL!! Four plus hours of bone crushing fun...with drinks and snacks. Yeah baby! I love America.

Planning a party? Are you hosting your family, friends, business clients, or office employees? Entertaining in your home, office, or offsite?


Whether your gathering is a casual, small intimate group, with appetizers and a ton of great beer or an elegant affair including a spiral cut honey ham, some tasty crusty bread with some calamata olives, maybe a nice watercress and endive salad served with a beautiful selection of wines, (can you tell that I'm starving as I write this?) to everything in between, we can help you pair the perfect beverage choices for your party fare.

Attending a party? Don't forget a gift for your host or hostess! A variety of bottles fit beautifully in our gift bags, boxes, and baskets. Stock up for the holiday season and be a prepared party-goer!


Gifting someone else? We can help you pick something they're sure to love! Oh, go ahead, gift yourself too! See you soon!


Newtown's Party Headquarters and Wine Emporium

The philosophy we embrace here is that these ancient beverages, wine, beer & spirits, were created and refined by us, the human race, to enhance and bring joy to our time here on Earth.

Enjoyed in moderation, each of us can literally savor and taste history back thousands of years.

We were certainly not the first to tip back a tumbler of ale or sip a smokey single malt scotch...and we'll not be the last.

So with a respect for those who came before us and an open mind and joyful anicipation of what may lie ahead, please enter our world of wine & spirits as we  do... life long students willing to explore and discover.

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